Lekhim-Kharkiv is:

  • more than 9 000 square meters of manufacturing constructions;
  • more than 270 employees;
  • 75 descriptions of medicines;
  • more than 10 descriptions are in the registration process;
  • the latest technology developments;
  • the manufacturing of medicines in various dosage forms: suppositories, tablets, powder for solutions for injections in ampoules, solutions for injections in ampoules.

One of the main achievements of the Lekhim-Kharkiv enterprise is the production of suppositories – more than 80 million pieces a year.

The production capacity is based on completely automated Italian production line on suppositories manufacturing and packaging, which allows not only to meet the needs of Ukraine in this medicine form fully, but also to perform all the export orders.

To attain the highest quality of the manufactured medicines the latest monitoring and analytical laboratory with modern Japanese and Swiss equipment was commissioned.

In 2008 Lekhim-Kharkiv enterprise launched the production of medicines in ampules, which requires the clean rooms from class D to class A inclusive. The workshop for production of sterile solutions in ampules was designed and constructed in accordance with the GMP requirements and equipped by leading European manufacturers such as Rota (Germany), Marchesini Grup, Remoin, Aquadue (Italy), Unisteri and Steviar (Check Republic). The first stage capacity is 30 million ampules a year. In 2012 the second line for the production of injection solutions is planned to be launched.

Due to expansion of the production capacity it is planned to create the new warehouse premises.

The outsourcing (contract manufacture) of suppositories and injectional medicines in ampules comprises 5% from the total production volume at Lekhim-Kharkiv enterprise.