Direct advertising at the DEPHARM - Main Pharmaceutical Portal of Ukraine

Company placement at the Main Pharmaceutical Portal of Ukraine is in fact advertising and serious marketing instrument in the sharp competitive struggle of the companies, manufacturers, sellers and companies that render services on the market of the pharmaceutical industry. You get a wide range of services and possibilities (from 12 to 17), using which your company reaches the set aims.

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Only complex approach to the advertising campaign stands the highest chances for success. Total marketing – synthesis of online placement on the portal and offline channels, such as the printed matter “Hand book of a pharmaceutist” is the most effective and provides the effect, expected from the advertising – conversion into the real sales where both participants of the deal – seller and buyer are equally and totally satisfied.

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Banner advertising on the portal is one of the powerful DEPHARM advertising instrument.

Axiom “Better to see once than hear a hundred times” will never lose its topicality, and beautiful, professionally made banners will always attract the visitor’s attention.

Customer of the advertising placement should understand that a person enters the portal not with the purpose of advertising but in order to get reliable and necessary information, that is why quantity of the banners on our portal is limited.

If the banner contains interesting information for a person, than a degree of possibility that a visitor will click it and follow a link of your target page will be high.

Banner placement is the most important issue that directly influences your profit amount.

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The main banner in the slider of the upper part of the site, with the dimensions 832х266px, will necessarily draw attention of every portal visitor.

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The block of the two banners reflected on all pages with the dimensions of 416х78px, located between the sections “Choose category” and “News” on the main page. While viewing other sections, the block of the banners is located under the site footer:

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List of the banners requirements:

  1. Banners should weight not more than
  2. Flash banner requirements: only onRelease – following the link can be performed only after the direct click on the banner itself. While clicking on flash banner the customer’s site is opened only in the new window of the Internet-browser.
  3. From one banner multiple links are prohibited. One link should direct to one address in the networks.
  4. Banner content should correspond to the active legislation and Law on Advertising.
  5. Banner design should fit in the general design conception of the DEPHARM portal.